The Interdimensional War



Background.  Regardless of the assumptions and or assertions we might decide are true about the basic nature and reasons for this plexiverse, there is considerable evidence for a huge variety of current goings on.

My understanding is that for many many eons there have been considerable concerns about the real motives behind certain prezzes' undertakings.  In the last several hundred years, in this plexiverse and some others, this has been reaching some culminations.

I have mentioned this embrassage - a sort of spirit of collective effort towards truth and golden rule existences.  My experience is that this embrassage of the devas, archangels, angels, saints and all other contributors to varying extents has been getting hammered at by the self-creative powers of those bent against golden rule based ethics - that is - those who to varying extents want what they want when they want it with much smaller concerns about the consequences for others.

This has been steadily deteriorating for around 600 Earth years.  My understanding is that around 650 Earth years ago certain angelic members of this embrassage started withdrawing to get to places that were more and more protected and less in the direct line of attacks from these already amassing zombie armies.  As the zombie powers amassed more and got more horrible in their attacks more and more of the angelic host supporting this embrassage kept withdrawing to safer and more protected havens where they could contribute almost as much as they could stand and sustain.

Some of the ways this should have been most noticeable on Earth relate to the gradual disappearances of warriorhealer sorts of abilities.  Many people now consider things such as the oriental and/or Sufi stories about extraordinary defense and/or healing abilities to be myths.


In the years 1996 - 2008 the embrassage has been hugely more hammered than ever before.  This has definitely been demonstrated relentlessly through me and some few other archangels that have been giving view portals into these other dimensions.  But of course, on Earth, most prezzes seem terribly determined to base their beliefs on their own preconceptions rather than on evidence so we have been left almost entirely unassisted.

I have used the image of a huge black spider as the icon because for most of these years the largest and most voracious of the zombie attackers have been in the forms of huge poisonous deadly spiders that can suck up one's life force.  Almost all on Earth actually invite these sorts of energies into their beings when they engage in things such as witchcraft type manipulations and overpowerings and/or developing satanic types of connections.  These same prezzes usually seem to still not realize the satanic zombie forces' true intentions and efforts towards consuming them into these zombie armies even as they are still in their corporeal bodies.

The spider scenes in one of the Harry Potter movies an/or the third Lord of the Rings movie are really terribly tame in comparison to what I have been struggling to deal with for several years.

At some point in 2002 the Seraphim decided it was time to start rebuilding this embrassage. The approaches they have chosen largely require

  • genfuserating and rebuilding the embrassage
  • turning off the self creation abilities usually manifested as
    • transmoxillation
    • galumphing
    • group transmorgraphication
  • but the turning off requires largely individual contacts between those who already have these abilities turned off (or essentially never chose to have them) and those who have not

These efforts continually require huge efforts from the Seraphim who are those most willing to be in the most hellacious realms.  But the impacts of those coming back in from the outside are also becoming more and more influential in the deepest realms of conflict.

But all of these sorts of things have and are having tremendous impacts on the physical universe.  They have also had tremendous impacts on the Intergalactic War which I am writing much more about at the link.  While my own struggles with the interdimensional conflicts are reducing, I am simultaneously required to become more and more involved in the physical Intergalactic War.

There is so much more I can and should say I do not really know how to organize it all.  But I will continue to chip away at it.