This Plexiverse/Universe


This Plexiverse/Universe.   I use the word plexiverse to refer to this physical universe and all its additional dimensions and other things.

It is also my understanding that almost all other plexiverses/universes/whatevers are designed much more based on considerations of love, growth, fun and/or knowing one's creator and brethren.  But it seems we find ourselves in a plexiverse with an unlimited number of unknowables and challenges that can come at us quite a bit faster than is pleasant.

A caveat, this whole discussion is honest, sincere and based on experience and serious thinking and feeling.  Unfortunately, I very likely know better than anyone, at least on earth, how easy it is to be fooled and/or confused about far too many things that happen in these realms.  I am constantly trying to improve my understanding of such things, regardless of what earthly authorities claim to already be certain about (and give far less evidence than I've been demonstrating).  I also think this willingness to warn and examine gives my assertions greater trustworthiness in addition to the evidence that has come through and around me.  But you will not hear any claims of perfect revelation from me!!

Have you ever thought about what happens to beings that lived many many years in the past?  It should make sense that if there are beings who designed such a plexiverse/universe they considered how to keep things interesting and motivating as all beings increase in experience and knowledge, assuming they can and at least sometimes do.  One should expect that if there is physical life on other planets and life in other dimensions and these beings have continuing existences then there are a huge number of very ancient beings doing plenty to keep themselves occupied.

While I have no way of totally validating it, particularly for others,
I have more than some sense that

  • some/many of our "Lucifer" legends have major truth content

    • it seems impossible to verify, but "Lucifer" seems to actually be a sort of rogue creator for this plexiverse and apparently some others

      • I am not all that convinced about this assertion.  But there really seems to be way too much struggle and suffering in this plexiverse for me to believe there is not a lot of negative intentionality behind it at very powerful levels.

    • unfortunately, I think we all see that so much of what we endure in this plexiverse actually has diminishing, deleterious and sometimes overwhelming and defeating effects

  • this plexiverse has been in many ways maintained/allowed to exist to get certain beings to come more and more face-to-face with what is within themselves

  • this plexiverse has been in many ways maintained/allowed to exist so that everyone can come more face-to-face with what certain beings such as Lucifer are really like

  • many of these beings are quite a bit more ancient and "sizable" than we can readily comprehend

  • somehow or other even the over/under/around and through all God has chosen to accept some outrageous limitations on his/her presence in this plexiverse while still not compromising the ultimate experience of the rest of us

  • unfortunately, all of these bulleted points are not particularly easy to validate!  It seems even more unfortunate to me that, at least on Earth, there seem to be way too many efforts to believe what one will, justify it by "faith" and then be quite pushy about it.

Some Downside Burdens.  Now I want to get into some other issues about this plexiverse.  My understanding is, that one should be aware that three major things were developed to increase its challenges.  I have a deeper discussion of these at this link who creates what.  These can be most easily seen on the astral and etheric.  But they can also be experienced in this physical universe, particularly the second two.

  • galumphing - the ability to place some sort of "dimensional matter" into one's or another's spirit

    • disproportionately, this has been used to put these sorts of clumps or clogs strategically into other's spirits in order to inhibit their functioning and flows


  • transmorgraphication - the ability to project images that can seem real

    • a major downside of these is that they are too frequently used to create illusions for disruptive or disturbing purposes

    • these are particularly disruptive when projected by groups because the illusions can be somewhat more lasting in nature and overpowering in their illusiveness


  • transmoxillation - the ability to magnify the influence of particular qualities in another's spirit

    • these can actually take the form of overpowering another's sense of self-determination

      • some  might choose to characterize this sort of situation when used in extremis as a possession - that really is an extreme oversimplification in my understanding of almost all situations

      they are too often used to exacerbate the weaknesses, imbalances and selfishness in others

      • these can be implemented in any number of ways for example through agitating something like the fear, jealousy and/or anger in another

I'm trying to think of evidence for these and it's not very difficult to come up with a huge variety of examples from my current lifetime that others have witnessed to varying extents.  For some examples, you may have heard some stories of the almost zombie - like approaches used by some people when attacking me.  They are so consumed by some sort of hatred that they really do become quite void of perception and whatever.  The defense that others have seen most frequently mostly involves reflecting back to try and get these people's self perceptions to increase sufficiently so they will at least stop.  Many people have also  witnessed some nasty dark globs of astral matter in places like the heart's of these attackers.  My perception is that some of the essence of these globs is due to these individual's choices and actions.  Other parts are galumphs placed by one or some pain afflicted/afflicters, to inhibit other's spiritual functioning and decrease their self healing.  When this sort of defense seems insufficient, more volatile demonstrations of things like lightning have so far proven sufficient to snap these people back to greater self awareness.

You may have also heard some stories of this sort of pervasive vacuous mucousy pretending to be true white light spirit being expressed in efforts to overpower me by some others.  My claim is that this comes from the lower astral and comes through some people in this world.  I claim that this sort of thing is done quite often in all kinds of situations, but that around me it is much more likely to become more obviously apparent.  This mucousy light tries to pretend to be "good" and "light", but somehow never allows thoughtful examination and critique, particularly from perspectives of what is hypocrisy and not. 

How beings are "selected" to be the vehicles for these sorts of efforts possibly has much more to do with their choices about dealing with things Satanic than most presume.  But, it's always seemed to me, that others and passers by were generally sensible that something seriously flawed was being attempted in these sorts of overpowerings and others.

You may have also heard some stories about the intensity of a particular defense manifested through/by me where there is much lightning shunting between very dark and light fluid crystalline structures.  There are other colors involved, such as a fair amount of clearness and silver.  There is also a bit of liquid fire in the mix.  So far, no one nor any Earthly group that has encountered this has chosen to be as aggressive as they were about to be.  I suspect that just about everyone that sees this would say that they were at least shocked by the intensity of the spirit.  My claim is that these sorts of defenses have actually been developed on the astral to deal with even the worst realms of Hell!  While this claim isn't entirely provable, I'm confident that people that have experienced it can tell it has been developed for far tougher situations.  My claim is that this has at its source a nihypocritical protective spirit shared and contributed to by the Seraphim who venture into all or almost all the realms of "hellaciousness".

At other places in this website I will write up how to get involved in the Seraphim efforts.

I also claim this kind of dispersed yet cloying oversexual energy that some people
get too caught up with in their wounds originates from some hellaciously impacted malladen (to be defined later).  There are often efforts to project illusions about what I am really feeling.  Obviously, these efforts are largely dissipative in nature and usually entirely ineffective.  But some people seem to have significant difficulties interpreting its sources and meanings and presume they know everything about what is happening based on their impressions.  I sort of assume you hear me saying that some people are quite intent on blaming me as the source.  This has caused me some momentary yet intense anxiety, particularly in this country's current climate with respect to sexuality.

Lately, we (meaning me and many of those I call angels and/or guardian spirits) have been trying to develop some windows into the astral at different times so that some present can see at least a bit of what is happening in other dimensions.  Oftentimes people really let off of their gas pedals of their cars likely due to being somewhat surprised and possibly amazed.  At the same time we make the greatest efforts possible to ensure that others are protected from the goings on I'm about to describe in this page and others linked directly to it.

We try to make sure that people can see us rebuilding the embrassage that protects Earth inter-dimensionally.  Ever so often, we are also able to make the forces that have been battering this n-sphere protective embrassage apparent.  Even fewer have gotten some glimpses of the sources and HUGE numbers attacking and the sorts of efforts they are making.  There really has been an invasion force, taking the forms of huge spiders, pounding at the nihypocritical embrassage protection.  These spiders would be a lot worse than those depicted in movies such as "Starship Troopers" or "Harry Potter".  People on Earth would be taken over and transformed into these spiders and worse.  I know the easy solution for the Earthly "intelligentsia" and power structures is to just pretend nothing is happening while generally making sure they contribute next to nothing (at best) and make sure that I don't get the Earthly credit or support they would have themselves get if they were doing what they are expecting from me.

But fortunately, this protective embrassage is being very slowly rebuilt.  The worst seems to have happened about four or five years ago.  But as usual, there seem to be no ways for Earthly powers to make claims and gain power, money or prestige from these sorts of things in their usual ways ... so the lack of honest interaction, curiosity and/or assistance will likely continue as long as they think/feel they can.  But, I can assure you, the forces that are currently retaking control aren't at all happy with just about all of Earth's denizens, and particularly the power structures (and particularly those that have secretly made commitments with Satanic sorts of efforts).  Earthers will find out even though they are almost surely trying to pretend this isn't actually going on, they won't be able to pretend or hide where their hearts and minds really are or have been.  To the extents to which individuals have chosen to pursue connections with more Satanic influences for their own selfish advantages their own interiors will now rot out.  This will happen because the "protections" afforded by the zombie armies inter-dimensionally are starting to fail.  The illusions that surround those that have chosen Satanic sorts of commitments to obscure these sorts of commitments are also starting to dissolve.  This will have greater and greater impact on many Earthers' health and abilities in the very near future (written summer 2007).

Well, I can go on and on ...

Finally, possibly the most obvious "proof" that so many are actually "not themselves" ... is the dearth of truth seeking and caring people trying to figure out whether or not I can really help others with healing and self defense.  And, in addition, whether I can help others improve their own abilities and connections for such things.  I, with much support from beings who strive to be nihypocritical, have been making sure to travel to a large variety of locations and situations in order to assist healing and demonstrate particular capabilities that are accessible to us if we develop certain spiritual/nihypocritical efforts.  These efforts have saved otherishes much pain, struggle, money and even some suffering.  But what has come back in return is almost entirely at best complicity with those that try to actively hurt and/or suppress me and what I'm working towards.  For example, it can be quite frightening and chagrining to help someone walk that was at best barely crawling along in somewhat of an upright position, see them in the future moving quite freely, usually have them snarl at me thereafter, and certainly have these people who are so likely to consider themselves to be so loving apparently never tell their friends with similar difficulties nor expect to offer some financial recompense.  One can only guess at the the odds that I might get at least a portion of the money I have saved the insurance companies!

I guess all these people clearly consider their responses to me to be gifts from themselves and their Gods!

This is also true for a largish number of other kinds of assistance that have been provided both by me and those assisting me.  Having the denizens of Earth treat me so poorly doesn't fail to qualify as enslavement of me and those assisting me (it might be worthwhile to really investigate whether this includes "God") and worse done by people who almost surely assume they don't do such things and resent anyone even suggesting this.  But it is definitely my understanding that these are the sorts of reasons that "people" are placed on Earth.  Prezzes on other worlds don't want to be living with others (for example Earthers) that are so quick to be violent and/or domineering and/or willing to not reward others as they would have themselves rewarded and on and on.

There are many more.

But all in all, my experience is the lower astral can be very much like "cartoon physics" except beings experience pain with such activities.  Though the pain is not really the same as physical pain.  But it can be very grievous.  Unfortunately, just even trying to make one's own way in the presence of much transmoxillation can cause quite a bit of pain brought on by the tension and even tearing of one's astral spirit in resistance to the forces of others trying to overpower.


 Interventions.  What sort of interventions actually occur from more spiritual realms?  While I can't exactly write down a set of rules, it should be obvious that beings that have made more efforts towards not being hypocritical and have developed in capabilities aren't exactly running the Earth!  Well, though some of our rulers/hierarchs like to make some extraordinary claims for themselves, it does seem they don't really invite assessments or openly acknowledge others that have worked damn hard to be much less hypocritical.

But, in general, it is my understanding that beings that don't do things like actually incarnate into a specific realm, planet or maybe even Earth are really quite limited with how they can impact things in another realm.  I think this is pretty obvious in all kinds of ways.

In addition, it is my understanding that everyone who incarnates into a particular realm, planet or maybe even Earth does it at some risk.  They need to be somehow cleaned of a lot of the aspects and aggregations of their experiences so that they exist in each particular realm by the same standards as other beings in the realm.  In other words, even if one is an angel if you incarnate to Earth you are not allowed to bring the total of your experiences.  All beings incarnate with their own spiritual and soulful propensities, which very likely lead them to be different.  But they are still expected to overcome much the same barriers and obstacles of all Earthers.

There seems to be a lot of truth to this even for beings when they move around the astral.  Things are expected to be figured out by the denizens of a particular realm, planet or whatever.

So for example, my understanding is there is an angel, Chugutiel (first u short, second u long), quite renowned for his usual patterns when he incarnates into physical existences/planets that have wars.  Though, unfortunately, he seems to not come into places that are as violent as Earth.  It seems he regularly develops and helps others learn to develop weapon of anti-mass destruction.  He is not allowed to do this sort of thing unless he comes in as a style of cleanish slate into the planet.  Yet, it is one of his uniqueish patterns to get into engineering sorts of designs and really think about weapons development and its moral implications in addition to being capable of developing much more defense oriented weaponry that isn't so easily used for overpowerings and hypocritical advantages.  It is quite obvious that Chugutiel or any other spiritual being has not been giving away these sorts of engineering designs to the denizens of the Earth when one looks at the nature of our weaponry.  I wish I had been allowed by Earth's power structures to do more of this, though I have sort of made some efforts and had some impacts.


More About the Astral.  I want to take a bit of time and talk some more about the astral in general.  I know I'll reorganize this as I write more, but I think it is important I write this down.

In general, assuming one is located amongst one's peers based on one's actual (as opposed to one's professed) levels of nihypocrisy, then existence on the astral is usually much easier than it is to be physical.  There are not things such as child bearing and child rearing in the same sense.  Concerns about where food will come from don't exist.  Concomitant with these issues, these sorts of things cannot be used as leverage in the same ways they can in the physical.

The physical is quite awesome to me in its intricacies and inter-relationships in order to get something like a corporeal body to function.  Astral and etheric existences, by contrast, seem much simpler.

But unfortunately, as things have deteriorated on the astral, much of that existence has gotten tougher.  It is also my experience that the angelic efforts that seem to actually be the sources of relegating prezzes (astral term for presences/beings) to certain realms/sectors/locations where prezzes are grouped with others most like themselves have been getting worn down in what I call the Transmoxillation Wars.  As these containments have gotten more and more battered, worn and torn, prezzes of lesser values have been pouring into progressively less hypocritical realms and using their powers of transmollixing, galumphing and group transmorgraphication to tear down more and more beings!

What is it like to move or transport in the astral?  It is possibly most like flying when done locally.  But without the additional constraints imposed by what I, and many others, call the angelic embrassage, any prezz or even large groups of prezzes could transport anyplace essentially instantaneously.  Beings don't need far faster than light travel with some sort of super space ships like they would need to travel intergalactically in this physical universe.  The initial designs of the astral made it totally possible/reasonable for hugish gangs to patrol anyplace they would want to go and impose their collective transmollixings on anyone they would choose.  It's terribly difficult to convey how atrocious things have gotten as the embrassage has collapsed in so many places and hugish groups of barely conscious transmoxillating prezzes rove into realms they have likely never even seen before.

But these huge hellacious armies are actually primarily composed of essentially mindless zombies.  This is nearly impossible to describe, but the hellacious forces have been tuned to take advantage of prezzes own internal desires and motivations to transmollix.  There are also so many layers interoperating that so so many of these hellacious really are like zombies.  We have been able to make this only partially apparent in some of the windows we've been providing for Earthers and others to view.  But this is important in many ways, particularly because those that have their hidden ties to Satanic forces should become aware of what they are actually being seduced/turned into.

It certainly makes sense to me that hell wants mindless obedience.  Heaven is composed of those that are much more thoughtful and willing to examine.  God seems to fear nothing from investigation and really wants it particularly when this investigation includes self evaluation.  Satan works to get prezzes to be domineering and obedient.  This likely sounds the opposite of what one might expect considering how so much Earthly religiosity portrays things.  But I think this also says much about what certain religions are really after and what forces are really impacting them.

But far too many people on Earth try to develop ties with Satan and disguise them in any number of ways that allow them to present appearances but not really have to make nihypocritical efforts.  It is my experience that these people never realize how much Satan and his minions are penetrating their very spirits and souls and consuming and controlling more and more with each effort people make to get more from Satan and/or not care about their own hypocrisy.  It seems on Earth that most of this is centered around many people's desires to control others and gain things through witchcraft.  But it is my experience that other methods are about.

So the astral has gotten, in many sectors, to be much worse even than what we experience on Earth in the midst of our worse wars!

As this has happened, the angelic efforts/forces have been trying, with efforts I suspect are beyond the imagining of most, to keep Earth as protected from these influences as they can.  Unfortunately, almost all on Earth seem unaware and generally uncaring about the ongoings of the astral.  But as seems obvious from just about everyone's actual experiences, most, if not almost all, on Earth seem to think their choices have little consequence on the struggles of others on Earth, much less on those trying to protect them from the ongoings of the astral.

Even beings like devas, while they are much more powerful than possibly most can even imagine, can get overwhelmed "locally".  Think of how several humans can simultaneously attack even a skilled self defense expert and at least wear them down or focus on something like hurting some small aspect of them like their heart or hands.

Think about how in some circles, people might want to get to someone powerful on Earth (well someone not necessarily with much character), but the person can't really be touched.  So others swarm over things that are important to them like their children or property.  It is generally much harder to protect others, particularly if they don't lend much to the efforts, than it is to protect one's self.

So the defenses can be hammered very locally by the overwhelming numbers in certain regions.  It probably shouldn't surprise you that only a relative few angels will venture into the most hellish realms.  So as powerful as they are, based on character and sustained effort, they can be at least somewhat overwhelmed at places where the hellish forces concentrate (like at Earth or some other planets).

So, my experience, is that much of the hellacious and exacerbated purgacious efforts focus on places like Earth.  These beings get much satisfaction from

  • going after beings that are so vulnerable to being pulled down

  • attacking the angelic forces/efforts at focused places of vulnerability

It is my honest experience that Earthers are seriously misled by hellacious influences when

  • they pretend that relying purely on God and higher powers is spiritual and end up not really putting in their own sorts of efforts like they actually expect from others

    • how would you like it if everyone kept going to your children telling them that you have so much and you just want to give and give and give that your children really don't need to try

  • they make like they really don't have to try and care about others ... someone else will/should just take care of them

There are so many other things I should and could write!


Selfish Pleasures?  But it is also my understanding that pretty quickly, during the beginnings of this plexiverse, many prezzes vigorously sought out the pleasures that they could gain from these powers of creation, also expressed as transmoxillating, transmorgraphication and galumphing.

But I hear that there is an undesirably large percentage of prezzes that can get quite absorbed in such meanderings.  Some become consumptively self indulgent expecting most everything to be provided for them by more loving beings.  Many even having religions, like so many on Earth, that even claim that God wants such self absorption and this is how God expresses His love for those with advantages.  At the other extremes, the most hell bent, get consumed by power and dominance pursuits with almost no regard for their impact on otherishes.

Apparently, one of the main reasons that most of the beings on Earth keep returning is their studied indifference to the suffering of others and their own lack of effort towards improving an overall existence for everyone.

It is also my understanding that since almost the beginning of this plexiverse an angelic host has been relentlessly trying to figure out means to get others to move up the ladder towards more heavenly, much less hypocritical, pursuits.

One approach involves making use of something called the embrassage to try and keep a prezz's challenges within ranges they find exciting and acceptable while still trying to get them to grow beyond varying extents of selfishness and hypocrisy.  This doesn't always fail.  But it seems it has never succeeded as most, even those who don't seek continuous improvement, would prefer.

It seems that by basic nature, things like transmoxillating, galumphing and excessive transmorgraphication deplete and diminish one's energies.  But it also seems there are an almost never ending stream of  prezzes willing to expend themselves to varying degrees in such pursuits.  It is my honest understanding that this is the main source of the numbers and energy for beings committed to certain sorts of efforts most usually called demonic and/or purgacious.

It is also my understanding that there are limits to the numbers of more angelically oriented prezzes that will try to work in places where they are immersed in what most everyone calls hellacious.

But, it does really seem there are varying extents and degrees to this.  Unfortunately, it is also my understanding that this planet, Earth, sees an awful amount of the expressions of at least some  realms of "hell".  And because so many of the beings on this planet are so exuberant about dominating, harassing and blindsiding others with their abilities to transmollix, transmorgraphy and galumph when they get their chances, they are expected to experience certain proportionate levels of these things from the lower astral while they exist on Earth.  Though, there are also many on Earth who open themselves up to such influences when they make bargains with Satanic forces in ways they think they will actually use to their own advantages.  They also seem to be almost entirely naive and gullible about what these Satanic forces will extract from them in return.

It is my understanding that in general, primarily in order to develop opportunities for self awareness and growth, that in most of our existences we are generally clustered into realms that immerse us in others very much like ourselves.  Well, unless we choose to venture into more challenging realms for purposes of assisting others.  This may mean, according to a variety of estimators, that only about a fourth of the people on this planet go to regions that one should call "hell" in their afterlives.  Disfortunately, the remaining seem to do very little to develop as they would have others develop in their more "purgacious" existences.

It is also my understanding that there are no such things as "eternal damnation" or "get into heaven free" cards for any reasons.  I have always found believers in knowing the magic words or correct ceremonies or postures or kissing up to the appropriate authorities or breathing techniques or words to get into certain groups or traditions or whatevers to be ignoring far more important things that they expect in others.


The Embrassage.  My understanding is that pretty much since the beginnings of this plexiverse, if not at its instantiation, an angelic host in embrassage with the over/under/around/through all God have been genfuserating spirit in a great mutual sharing and constant inter-nexussing (This is impossible to describe!  We are each a nexus of energies/spirit to my perception and the embrassage is a shared spiritual effort) that interpenetrates this plexiverse to generally protect all beings from most of the harshness that exists within this plexiverse's initial designer's plans.  It also provides many other things that were not built into the basic structure and formatting of this plexiverse.

My understanding is that they do this in part to

  • have beings be excited, happy and appreciative of their own and other's existences

  • get these same beings to develop a distinct disappreciation for the basic structuring of this plexiverse

Unfortunately, it seems these are almost necessarily impossible and contradictory goals.

But it is also my experience and understanding that forces of lesser intentions can use their powers of transmollixing, galumphing and group transmorgraphication to essentially "hammer down" the spirit of others including the embrassage.

The Embrassage Diminish?  Prezzes in other dimensions all seem comfortable using the word embrassage to describe the communal sharing of nihypocritical spirit that is used to help bring justice and truth into all places in this plexiverse, even the most hellacious.  It seems that after many eons where the impact of such afflicted/afflicting beings was in many ways being compensated for by a few, the burdens to these few have become ever increasing.  Galumphing ends up presenting ever increasing demands on every being.  With the additional burdens of trying to handle transmoxillating as galumphs become greater burdens, more and more beings have been getting "taken or hammered down".

My understanding is that this has also had pretty direct impact on our planet even with so many being's efforts to compensate and render assistance for better purposes.  For example, it seems this has had considerable impact on having certain approaches to healing and/or warrior/healing become pretty much entirely lost from the face of this earth.

It seems that the sort of abilities that are sometimes related in stories of the past on this planet haven't really been able to develop all that well because the embrassage has been getting more and more overwhelmed.  They also want to get those that like transmollixing, galumphing, and group transmorgraphication to become much more aware of what this plexiverse is really like and the implications of this and these abilities.

Almost everyone I claim to be in contact with claims that over the centuries, and particularly in the most recent centuries, this hammering of the embrassage has made things on Earth worse than they should have been.  On the other hand, they would be much happier if we on this planet were quite pervasively developing our own resistance and capabilities to deal with our own situations at least as well as we expect from others.

 Things Are Now Getting Better Quite Fast.  But as seems to often happen before things improve, things got so burdensome in some sectors of this plexiverse that almost everyone is now renouncing these abilities for transmoxillation and galumphing, unless they have become continuously transmollixing zombies (I'm not kidding, it's this bad and much worse on the lower astral in my experience, at least).  More  and more prezzes are also working to reconfigure transmorgraphication abilities so that they cannot be conjoined into group efforts.

It seems that only a couple years or so ago the ability for anyone to place galumphs in the spirit of another was terminated.  To experience so many beings making efforts towards recovery is amazing.  In particular, the efforts that the malladen have been making as soon as at least their galumphing burdens have stopped increasing is inspiring.

But the incredibly huge numbers of prezzes involved in this means that getting these zombified hellish tools back to self awareness and really takes time.  Also, while this is going on, there can still be very focused attacks causing considerable pain and exhaustion.

Truth and Healing.  Rather than the  malladen, purgacious and demonic being exploded or beaten up into greater states of pain, fear and frenzy as is so often represented in the popular media, my experience is that other approaches are being used, at least by those immersed in the angelic embrassage.  The worst case is that some beings are "transported" to locations where they are required to give up there abilities to transmollix and galumph.   They are also given assistance in degalumphing and healing.

Many of these beings return very quickly to help round up others that are still in attack mode.  While this process is ongoing and not operating as cleanly as one should hope, progress is continual and quite apparent.

Trying to trace things back to source beings is also an ongoing effort.  Many of the larger groups try to hide by transmollixing through others.  Tracing these chains to their source can be very difficult.  Also, it is quite difficult to try and determine how much resistance beings in the chain generate.

Evidence?  At present, the only things I can think of off the top of my head that lend credence to this account are some people around me have seen some other people and some spirits getting assistance with removal of galumphs and releasing of hurts.  I may be quite small and weak by the standards of so many, but I have been contributing.  In addition to what seems to have been living a life as bait for the demonic/purgacious/malladen, I have been helping in other ways.  Ultimately, my abilities as bait (I'm trying to be intelligently smart mouthed) seem to have provided far too many opportunities for the less burdened to bring in and work with the more malladened/purgacious/demonic.  It seems that far greater beings were getting so hammered, yet still giving so much to try and help me and us, that they ended up having to rely on me far more than any of us would have liked.

  • I'm not kidding when I tell about driving home one day, down Route 15 in central CT while having some inter-dimensional beings of lesser values trying to get me to drive off the road.  The angels that usually help and I were so entirely exhausted the angels all but stopped the traffic.  My understanding is that they let enough of these transmollixing efforts become apparent to other drivers around me so that they understood that they could get taken over and become like projectiles with their cars.  Very likely and all but clearly, since traffic behind me came to almost a full slow, giving me plenty of room until I could get off the road the angels had made their own exhaustion in these efforts very clear.  I can assure you I had slowed to about fifty miles an hour and was sticking to my lane and not weaving, so it wasn't my driving that people reacted to in this way!

  • One day I was driving down a road near to my house and I was genfuserating energy and spirit to support the angelic/seraphim efforts.  This was apparent to others on the road and around.  Suddenly Jeruziel started to do the same, only much more powerfully, so that it was obviously encompassing/embracing the entire Earth.  People actually pulled off to the side of the road to watch.

  • In a number of places, inparticular Jeruziel, Dejuriel and/or Gaddel have made their own efforts apparent.  For example, Jeruziel and Dejuriel often stand on the running boards on the sides of my car.  Mostly we demonstrate the efforts to rebuild the embrassage and the n-sphere that protects Earth from invasion from all different dimensions including the physical.  But we are also doing plenty of other things.

  • The paragraphs above, particularly those that discuss our efforts to open some views into the astral at different times are also pretty good evidence.  Well, evidence for those that experience these things first hand.  But likely, these sorts of stories and tales will spread and hopefully be more convincing because people are hopefully not going to try to use their stories of witnessing such things to try and gain hypocritical advantages over others as so often happens in religion.

What other kinds of stories would you like to hear?

I can keep to ones where there were plenty of eyewitnesses.  Though, no doubt the "truly" knowledgeable will likely somehow feel they know these accounts are entirely untrue.

The cleaning up of one's own spirit in addition to helping others is becoming a consuming priority for so so many.

As these things clear up, I will start to demonstrate many more abilities that have been negated by those so unfortunately motivated.

I am also actually starting to change physically in some fairly major ways that genetic "theorists" generally claim are impossible.

Impact on Earth.  Unfortunately, the timing of these improvements come when beings on Earth are at a cusp for potential self destruction.  It seems everyone will be finding out whether Earth can handle its technology.

My understanding is that there has been so much effort to make sure people on this planet were not consumed by the spirit of the lower astral and other dimensions so that they wouldn't be overwhelmed and terrorized.  But at the same time everyone will learn what the denizens of Earth are actually capable of.

I think that Earthers make it quite clear that they were going to take themselves down to a fate that is worse than they've imagined with their technologies, particularly with the added burdens of transmoxillation.  But, it is hoped, apparently quite reasonably, that with the lessening of these burdens, Earthers may actually stand a chance of emerging to something at least livable in their not so distant future.

I am not generally convinced of this.  I have a unique position of noticing how my efforts have been received by even those who portray themselves as somehow "good".  If this is the best there is on Earth, then Earth is in much more trouble than they presently perceive!

Resistance Power.  My experience is almost every being that openly operates in this plexiverse seems to get malladened and suffer from depletion and diminishment to greater and lesser extents, even the most ancient and powerful of those we call angels.  What most everyone seems to try and do is assess other's efforts at resistance to being overcome by things within and without.  This is also very important for being trusted with abilities to render healing and/or defense in our realms.

There seems to be a general, rather not all that  precise, but yet useful scale to aid in assessing one's resistance as well as  others.  This particularly shows when one genfuserates and anti-transmollixes and attempts to resist more powerful efforts.

The scale is actually exponential in nature and the base of the exponent is apparently some plexiversal constant, somewhat less than 2.  Like pi, this constant is apparently "transcendental" (so I am told, but cannot prove just yet), I think I remember that means it cannot appear as a root of a polynomial equation with real coefficients.  Yes, this means it isn't even irrational.  So 1.718 is an approximation at best.  Sorry for being a bit mathematical, and a bit smart mouthed trying to make puns on mathematical terminology.

The following table illustrates.  I am also attaching a column to represent some of the abilities


Level Exponential Form   Value Some Abilities Healing
0 (1.718)0 = 1 1    
1 (1.718)1 = (1.718) 1.718    
2 (1.718)2 = (1.718)(1.718) 2.9515    
3 (1.718)3 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 5.0707 this kind of leaping/running one sees represented in martial arts movies more noticeable  abilities to assist other's healing
4 (1.718)4 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 8.7115    
5 (1.718)5 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 14.9663 floating/flying quick healing of pretty much all pathogens
    and so on      
10 (1.718)10   223.9908    
20 (1.718)20   50,171.885    



It seems that in order to move on to other realms we are expected to show general resistance levels at what are called 2 or 3. The saintly would be operating around 6.  The unbelievably motivated and dedicated in their extreme youth would be around 8.

The largish percentage of people in these regions and Earth where the hypocritical aspects of the pursuit of money and earthly power are so often paramount usually pursue these at desire levels that would be classified as 3 or so.  Based on this it shouldn't seem unreasonable that we peoples of this planet should be expected to muster desires at least somewhat less than these in constancy of resistance to less hypocritical purposes.  That is to "get out of purgatory" a prezz's overall levels of resistance should be around the 2s.  To get off Earth to better realms, it has more to do with even much smaller efforts to care about the struggles and sufferings of otherishes and work out domineering and violently over-reactiveness.

But what can truly be most difficult is how clever most of the transmollixing has been at focusing on desires that are weaker and distorting their importance and impact in those it is aimed at.  This explains why so many people of what really probably should be considered "good will" can slip so easily in many situations.

For some benchmarks, in hopes this will increase your comprehension of this scale.  It is my understanding that within the county where I am presently living in Connecticut in the United States based on the following "categorization"

  • the amount of centered effort a being makes to discern/discover/investigate truth when it is a "truth" that doesn't immediately appeal to this person (for what real reasons?)

    • about 30% are rated as 0's

      • meaning they are known and consistently make absolutely no efforts towards truths in such scenarios

    • about 30% are rated as 0.1's  (this has a decimal place)

    • another 30% are rated as 0.2's

This classification is considered to be one of the most important.  I am quite certain that almost all of these people would rate themselves much higher, but for some reasons be unwilling to really investigate their validity.

These overall numbers apparently also reasonably, but not exactly correspond, to things like parts per ten, parts per hundreds, parts per thousands, parts per millions and whatever in one's spirit.  My understanding of the word "angel" is that it represents any being that continually strives to figure out what "improvement" is and then works towards this.  For example, one view of improvement is that one should work to genfuserate and draw on purer sources to reduce the parts per whatever of things that are clearly hypocritical in one's spirit.

These parts per whatever also somewhat correspond to how many other beings of somewhat similar "spiritual" mass one can resist.  Though, efforts in such directions seem to be very helpful towards getting beings of much greater developments, such as guardian spirits, to work through us and/or around us.  I think it is important to know that working through someone is very very much different than "possession", which is far more dangerous than just about anyone on Earth seems to think.

My understanding is that all the guardian spirits do hope that everyone on Earth will emerge from these struggles as much better beings, better being defined by what Earthers really consider as better in others.  I understand they would also like to remind us that almost everyone on Earth perceives themselves as being one of the most spiritually effective beings they know.  If this is the case then just about everyone on Earth should have little difficulties doing at least as well as what they expect from others.

I think it is obvious that Earth is nearing a terribly important cusp relating to its future.  I think that Earthers have made it entirely clear that with the added burdens of transmoxillating, galumphing, group transmorgraphying and so many Earther's propensities to make bargains with Satanic forces to get advantages for themselves that Earth was not going to do well AT ALL in its future.  With all these changes in other dimensions and abilities, most everyone in these other dimensions seems to think that Earth stands some real chances of emerging out of their morass into something quite a bit better.  I am not so optimistic because of how I have been treated due to my efforts here on Earth.  I think it is quite obvious that if this is how Earthers deal with others when they demonstrate abilities they make sure to run down their entire species and reward the wrong things.