Some Views on Who Creates What



Who Creates What?  It is my relentless and very examined experience that this universe/plexiverse was actually created so that it allows its "sentient" beings to engage in their own creation.

  1. these creation abilities really seem to me to be at the source of the abilities to transmollix, transmorgraphy and galumph described in the This Plexiverse page

    1. these abilities become much more apparent when dealing with amassed "Satanic" zombies in the astral and etheric

      1. it is also my relentless and very examined experience that these massed groups impact the physical (I will try to discuss this with helpful examples later).

  2. some say these abilities make us co-creators

    1. I avoid using this term for a number of reasons that I might describe eventually

Who Created This Plexiverse?  These additional bulleted numbers are more speculative assertions.  But they really do seem to be true.  I just want to give a warning.  Things are horrendously complex and often overwhelming in other dimensions at present.  Also, the nature of these claims makes them all but impossible to validate totally.  But my experience certainly doesn't disprove them.

  1. I think these capabilities for creating in this plexiverse are what attracted many prezzes to live in it

    1. it is commonly stated in these other dimensions that there are many other plexiverses/universes - each with their own designs - none of them this extreme in certain kinds of capabilities

  2. In these other dimensions - most prezzes say that this plexiverse was actually created by "Satan" or Lucifer - not the over-under-around-and-through-all God who I call Elohim.

    with this proviso it seems

    1. that this creation was allowed to be made so that those that wanted this experience

      1. would find out how they could actually handle such creation abilities

      2. would find out what "Satan" or Lucifer is really like and what this being's motivations really are

    2. that an angelic force - including Elohim disguised as an angel - have come into this universe to

      1. allow this challenging plexiverse to exist

      2. try to bring about some sort of justice, fairness and love for all based on principles of the golden rule and "we are judged as we judge" as they hope to get everyone to learn from this experience

But almost all people, particularly the religious, are willing to make VERY forceful assertions and claims about the above bullets points.  Yet for some strange reasons they never seem to expect the same levels of evidence for the validity of their claims that they expect from others.  AND for fairly obvious reasons, none of them really seem to ever REALLY agree with each other.  It seems it is always easy to get people arguing about these sorts of things AUTHORITATIVELY.

Some Implications.  Regardless of whether you believe this second set of assertions, other things are clear about having so many prezzes with abilities to create.

Particularly, in the astral, one can see the competition and disagreements between different views of what should creation be.  Any two prezzes could actually engage in their own, sometimes violent, disagreements.  It can get as silly as someone is trying to create beauty in themselves (maybe false) and someone else is focusing on diminishing this prezzes beauty.  These disagreements and agreements can get hopelessly complex.  Groups can and do work to overpower others.

My relentless and deeply examined experience is that there are guardian spirits and devas (and possibly/likely Elohim in disguise) that work together in embrassage to try and make sure that certain principles, based primarily on the Golden Rule, are upheld.  But at the same time they have left enough room for those that want/need to experience the ramifications of their creation abilities in this plexiverse.

Essentially, it seems to me that the "Transmoxillation Wars" that I try to communicate about and discuss in this webpage and others are caused by certain amassed efforts to overpower the devas and guardian spirits (and even the over - under- around - and through God) to force this universe to allow the hellacious to have whatever they want without any responsibility to others.

Hopefully, you can see the sort of pain and struggle this will cause.  These amassed hellacious are constantly trying to pull more down to increase the power of their masses.  But almost everyone that participates in the realms where these struggles are ongoing ends up becoming zombies and controlled by other layers of the amassment.  Well, this is particularly true for those that retain their creation abilities so that they can be used and forced into providing power.

It seems that there are ultimately some primal sources of control that seem entirely Satanic, at least to me.

On Earth, one sees this in those that are seduced into believing that they will get something good from Satan and make certain sorts of commitments with Satan or Satanic forces.  None of them seem to realize they are being pulled down to become mindlessly controlled zombies, mini power sources of these creation abilities, to be manipulated by cleverer sources.  It is my sense that this is one of the main things the guardian spirits and devas want the naive to discover ... how they end up being used and manipulated by sources they really shouldn't trust.  In my mind, how can anyone "trust" anyone who is not very deeply concerned about being a Golden Ruler.

My relentless and deeply examined experience is that Satanic forces are trying to manipulate these zombies to empower their own selfish creation.  These manipulators are entirely unconcerned about the amassed zomboidness of their minions.

Well, hopefully I am communicating.  I wrote this section to tie in with other webpages, particularly relating to This Plexiverse.  We (I and other Seraphim) are trying to give glimpses and windows into these other dimensions so that Earthers can witness the goings on for themselves.  Unfortunately, all Earthers seem incapable of experiencing and/or helping in this at all directly.  But hopefully word of these experiences spreads with at least some credibility.

Most people also seem to have noticed how zombie-like many Earthers have become (hopefully they are improving again).  I have talked with some people that feel this is done by governments and power structures on Earth.  I claim the sources of this are primarily inter-dimensional.  Part of how I try to validate this with others is by getting them to see how different people are pushed towards zombification in very different ways.  It's not at all like they are all being taken in the same directions.  They are manipulated by their personal weaknesses and hypocrisies.  I also try to get them to notice how it increases conflict between people, though there are groups of agreement that get quite strident with other groups.  But they have all eventually agreed they see how the ultimate goal seems to take these people down into zomboidness.

I also try to get them to see that really thinking, feeling and examining one's self and truth are what develop strength to resist.

I've also been able to demonstrate other things for people that are present that give more direct experience of other dimensions (particularly the astral).

Well, I'll try to clean