What Is An Angel?  In the simplest terms I can come up with, I consider angels to be beings that continually strive to figure out how to better care for others as they would have others care for them.  This description should be very reminiscent of Jesus, someone we all should probably at least investigate and come to our own conclusions about.

So, it is my experience that Angels are not angels because they were created this way, different from others.  It is also not not my experience that is not just given to some to be angels.  It is my experience that angels become who they are because of the kinds of choices and efforts they make.


How Can We Tell If Some Prezz Is An Angel?  I sincerely believe that many people can be easily fooled by flashy or showy demonstrations ... pretty lights and glows that hide much more deceptive purposes.

It seems to me that one's trust grows over time based on experiencing the efforts and intelligence of beings/prezzes from other realms and on Earth.  I get concerned that far too many people want to be fooled so that they do not have to challenge their own beliefs.

Beings/prezzes of great spiritual effort are going to understand other's limitations for being able to recognize who they truly are, particularly if these others try to deceive themselves very often.

So I think we can become more and more confident that some contact is angelic by the sorts of efforts towards truth and being a golden ruler they make.  I think it is also important to discern how interactions with all physical and/or interdimensional prezzes help us to grow in truth and the golden rule.

How Can We Tell Who's Perfect?  I often get concerned when Earthly beings start putting on airs of perfection or putting on airs that they can tell some other being is perfect or they know their sources are perfect or infallible or something similar.

To start, I think that any beings that are perfect will be able to demonstrate this perfection by giving us a definition of perfection.  I think such perfect beings would also share with us the means and approaches that we can use to determine and be confident in their perfection.

I guess no one should be surprised that these sorts of things never happen.



I will restrict myself to my own experience of beings that I call "angelic" and leave the authority and hierarchy mongers to truths that are apparent to them and those they are able to convince.  Though I also wonder why they seem to have so much trouble agreeing with each other, even within their cliques based on faiths.


My experience is that rather than there being a strict hierarchy with one awesomely controlling being at the apex, things are not structured in any hierarchies and they are much more interaction based than I usually see represented by structured and hierarchical organizations.

  • Are hierarchies essentially inherently hypocritical?  I certainly think they pretty much prove this through their actions, though I have never been able to prove it to myself at a "definitional" level.


It is also my experience that angels do not restrict their help based on things such as religion, nationality, professions of verbiage, participation in certain ceremonies, membership in exclusive groups and all the other sorts of things one usually hears to be the basis for the operation of the divine on earth.

It is also my understanding that there are angels that are considered to be the most audacious by some.  They might do things like
  • venture into the most hellish realms where the most oppressive and violently selfish are immersed amongst beings far too much like themselves
  • try to render golden ruler based assistance
  • take on a form or presence displaying all sorts of vulnerability and commonness of experience with even the most hellacious
    • thereby evidencing that even the most vulnerable can respond to such situations with generally ever increasing spiritual and practical efforts and move beyond their present situations
  • with all of the struggles that are currently being completed on the lower astral in interdimensional war I have seen some of them use their transmorgraphication abilities to disguise themselves as someone who is under attack in order to help some other being out of their straits and give more time for those that are trying to trace back the sources and causes

I understand that these beings are referred to as the seraphim in some cultures and you might expect they can generously be a rather intense bunch of beings.  It shouldn't possibly surprise us that whom most of us consider to be the greatest of all beings, the "God Over/Under/Around/Through All", is reported to also do these sorts of things.  Though, considering the basic structuring of this plexiverse I try to not delude myself to believe that I know this to be true.

I claim to be working as a member with the Seraphim in the defense of Earth, truth, golden ruler efforts and all other realms.  This means I am sort of an inter-dimensional, inter-galactic "cop".

It is also my understanding that even the most ancient of these angels sometimes like to appear as almost baby like angels often called cherubim in some cultures. 



It seems that as we genfuserate our spirit grows in size in some important dimensions in addition to other things.  Many people are possibly aware of some of the drawings of the Buddha displaying what probably seems to be an outlandishly large spirit.  This sort of growth seems to be greater for those that make serious efforts to provide healing assistance to others.

One might expect that very ancient beings, particularly those that have been much involved in healing endeavors in this plexiverse have grown to be quite substantial.  Some of these beings might even lend their spirit to enhance and infuse our existence in places such as on this planet some call Earth.  Their spirits are more than large enough to embrace this entire planet as a whole and then some.  These beings are known in some cultures as devas.  In this plexiverse, my understanding is that all of  these devas are seraphim of varying ages and experiences.

It seems to me that many of those called "gods" when translated from some cultures should probably better be known as devas.  Thus reserving the word god for just one being as is done in monotheism.  So beings such as Ganesha, a favorite "god" for some in Hinduism, might be called an animal spirit guardian by others and/or a deva.

Monotheists can be quite unusual and disturbing in their self perceptions about their authority and what they know about this plexiverse.  Maybe they're all right?  Maybe they never change their minds or make mistakes?


For yet another definition, an archangel refers mostly to the degrees of efforting an angel  makes.  Archangels aren't necessarily older or the wisest, they garner some respect for the continuous and focus of their efforts from those that appreciate such things.


It is also my experience that there is something that most in the astral and several other dimensions call the embrassage.  This seems to be a communal effort to share and support from each other's golden ruler efforts.  There is much more I should say about this over time.


My experience is that these angels really work together very well in mutual inter-reliance and seem to make certain they don't get distracted with so many things that probably should be considered petty and irrelevant on Earth.  To the any extents that I perceive they have very strong agreements as to what the biggest and most important issues are and how to deal with them.  This also seems to be based on active intelligence rather than obedience.

I have yet to experience any angels be disturbed by honest and self-perceptive investigation and seeking of truths.


It probably is reasonable to consider the host of angels to be like elder brothers and sisters who care about us and our spiritual growth.  Though, when I say elder, I really mean it.  While it is difficult if not impossible to come up with proofs and/or very good evidence for this claim, it seems that most of these angels existed even before our universe came into existence.




I am always entirely skeptical about the authenticity of anyone who claims that I should know that they are God and/or interacting with God.  How can anyone else discern whether this is true? 

  • How can a being that claims to be God actually give proof of this?
    • regardless of what they do there might well be some other much "greater" being capable of much much more that is not making themselves evident
  • Personally, I think claims about connections to God are almost always used in very self serving ways and as justifications for hypocrisy and dominance
  • I try to get to know beings for who they are and how they interact and their efforts to discern and enact truths and nihypocrisy and other such approaches
  • but it does seem there are an endless stream of authorities willing to claim they should be obeyed for some reason or another
  • It really is my relentless experience that angels don't actually sit around playing harps and singing endlessly.  The angels of my experiences are very involved in trying to help others while still trying to be sure about who these others really choose to be.
My experience of angelic beings is not with beings that sort of float in and tell me things I already want to hear and/or already think.  From my own experience I have strong confidence that these beings
  • are generally smart and work very hard to maintain active and engaging intelligence
    • I have seen almost no evidence that they have fears about investigating truths
  • know way more about things in this plexiverse
  • exert strong and continual efforts towards evaluating their own and other's efforts and whatever
  • seem to be working in consort with far greater powers
  • expect me to investigate and develop my own abilities
  • this list will grow

Is this proof?  Not as far as I'm concerned!

Is it pretty strong evidence when other people/beings don't seem to be willing to investigate and/or consider such issues?  Is it pretty strong evidence when other people/beings don't seem to be willing to be particularly honest or caring about much of anyone outside of some little group yet claim to be so good and caring and knowledgeable?  Obviously, I can go on like this all too easily.

I am always on the lookout for better sources of ideas, assistance, caring and/or whatever.

I get concerned that people are raised to be too gullible about who and what angels or other spiritual sources really are.  I've met far too many people that have some sort of fancy showy experience, particularly authoritarian, on Earth and they automatically assume it has angelic and Godly sources.  My experience is that many beings on the astral like to take advantages of such gullibility in Earthers.  Unfortunately, I think that far too many spiritual systems don't want people to develop to question their authorities or have themselves be questioned.  But, it is my experience that, regardless of pretty words that many people say about unconditional love, trust (as well as many other things) is something that needs to be earned!

  • Personally, I pray to beings that strive to not be hypocritical in everything, including truth and love.  I am disturbed that far too many people are brought up to pray to "gods" of unknown character who are unusually often portrayed as getting their way based on power.
  • This doesn't even get into discussing people who try to connect with beings of much lesser intent hoping to gain some sort of selfish advantages.  I am often astounded at how many people try to pander to whoever they find as most powerful whether this is on Earth or in other realms.
  • I have witnessed far too many people who try to play both sides of the street
    • trying to connect with some groups of beings so they can have powers to do things like cast spells and get what they want, particularly without considering the ramifications and/or how they expect others should get such things
    • it seems less than naive for people to believe they can really gain advantages from such things - I think these people need to be much more concerned about who they align themselves with and what is lost/gained from such alignments
      • it should make sense that trying to align with beings as they increase in hypocrisy is likely to mean that any such alliances are at best temporary until they can be turned distinctly to the advantages of the more powerful in the alignments
    • at the same time try to portray their connections to beings angelic as somehow pure, fairly perfect and be authoritative - I think it is clear that anyone who strives to be less hypocritical in their own lives will always want to examine themselves to improve on such efforts
  • I think that so much develops this way where people don't actually investigate because most everyone on Earth's early spiritual "training" is authoritative.  It seems to me these authorities don't want people to develop their abilities to really think, feel and investigate for themselves.  Why is this?

So, ultimately, my own commitments are to strive to continually seek out truths, both about myself and others and all things.  I also work very hard to not be hypocritical.  I hope that all beings, particularly those that put on displays and claims of spiritual authority, even those that are called gods, will quickly demonstrate and make it obvious that they are constantly doing much more than me.  But, for some strange reasons, this doesn't seem to happen barely at all on Earth!




Angelic Names
While I don't want to get into creating pretensions of non-evidence based authority, particularly if it creates conflicts that cannot be resolved by evidence, I do want to describe some of my understanding of why so many of the angels and prophets are known by names ending or beginning in el.

My understanding of the name of the over/under/around and through all source of truth and the golden rule is called Elohim.  It is also why I understand so many of the names of figures in the Jewish Bible are something like

Samuel, Ezekiel, Elijah, Elihu, Elisha, Joel and on and on,


Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel as examples of angelic names.



Before getting started, the icon for this page and most of the artwork was done by Lori Barker.  I really enjoy her artwork, of which her images of angels are a fairly significant portion.

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