Zombies and Others In Between


What is a Zombie?  My opinion is this is a pretty difficult question to answer, particularly because I like to have evaluatable criteria to help answer this typing sort of question.  I prefer to use the golden rule as my criteria. So
  • if an angel is a prezz (short for presence/being) that strives constantly to do unto others as they would have done unto them
  • then a demon is a prezz that strives to get whatever prex (he/she/it ... ) wants regardless of the impacts on others
  • a zombie is any prezz who has made at least some demonic sorts of connections but is not really all that committed to either the angelic or demonic

My experience is that planets and other systems such as Earth are loaded with "zombies" in all kinds of varying states.  I realize that very few prezzes like to see themselves as zombies or near zombies.  But my relentless experience is that once any prezz has made any sorts of demonic connections there is tremendous effort from demonic/satanic forces to pull them down and further zombify them.  Any demonic connections open portals for the demonic/satanic to manipulate and twist.

A Zombie Scale.  There is a scale that is in fairly common use among those working to resolve the interdimensional wars towards truth and golden rule based justice.  The following table is my effort to communicate more insights about the use of this scale.  The scale runs from 0 to 10 as follows.


Level General Description Examples
0 - has not made any connections with any sorts of efforts to gain hypocritical advantages  
1 - experimental with things like casting spells - satanic rites - consider them largely silly - but miss the impacts these have in one's spirit - generally cares about others except when they're jealous, threatened or other sorts of comparable reasons
2 - starting to get caught up more in the hypocrisy of things such as desires to have one's casting of spells be more powerful than everyone else's - getting caught up in special privileges - often cares about others but much more careless about when and where and how
4   - lowest level of religious know-it-all-ism
5   - generally don't care much at all about others - though still pretend and affect such appearances quite regularly
- at the ready to accuse others of satanic ties or even leanings to gain advantages
6   - religious know-it-all-ism barely allows any counter indications or evidence and generally quick to accuse others of satanism if they feel at all threatened by the intelligence and/or character of another
7   - lowest level for assassins and/or mercenaries willing to do almost anything for money


Obviously, any scale has its deficiencies.  For example, someprezz might change over time and place in their rating.  But developing such a scale helps bring the entire situation more into realms of evaluation and hopefully even evidentiary based evaluation.

The Trompesoi.  I do not care for the use of light/dark as clear indicators of good/evil.  I discuss this in much more detail in my healing section.  Some use the word

shadow to refer to the parts/aspects of ourselves that we hide from ourselves

I do not care for this because of its association with being blocked out of the light without choice.  I much prefer

trompesoi to refer to the parts/aspects of ourselves that we hide from ourselves

This should be given a French sort of pronunciation.

One of the most pervasive and relentless strategies of the zombie armies is to try to get every prezz more and more disconnected and/or in denial about what is in their trompesois.  It is also a pervasive and relentless strategy of the zombie armies to help create false illusions of beauty, sweetness and other related things superficial to help hide what is actually occurring underneath.

It is also my relentless experience that these sorts of separations are some of the main reasons so few prezzes actually demonstrate reliable spiritual abilities.  It is also my relentless experience that these sorts of separations are some of the main reasons so many prezzes work so hard to suppress and often oppress those who do demonstrate reliable spiritual abilities.

This sort of pulling apart of the spirit into shadow and what shows creates considerable interior pain that the zombie armies can interdimensionally manipulate.

I have tried to derive the word trompesois from the French relating to fool - self.  The French verb tromper can mean

  • to trick
  • to cheat
  • to escape from
  • to fall short
  • to keep something at bay

In art, there is a movement called trompe l'oiel that roughly translates as fool the eye.  Though personally, I think all art fools the eye and more.

The French word soi relates to one's self.