Some Views on Reincarnation



Some Perspective. I have fundamental beliefs that we need to base our opinions on evidence as much and whenever we can.  One of the main things I constantly try to do is give evidence for a variety of things by working to develop my own spirit so that aspects of the spirit can be observed by almost anyone.

Personally, I think this is a major reason why I have been greeted with so much suppression and dishonesty.  It seems to me that almost all denizens of this planet that call themselves human want to believe what they want to believe and the last things they want to deal with are evidence.

So I think of how most people form their beliefs about things like reincarnation.  Most often, it seems, they select particular passages from "Holy Books" and give them their desired interpretation.  It seems that we are often expected to not even question such approaches, particularly if they are claimed to be based on "faith".

Evidence in the Spirit.  Starting in the later 1990's I started working very hard to make sure that people were able to see what was within the spirit's of those I was assisting with healing.  It was usually very clear that these people were carrying things around within themselves that were strongly based on their own choices that were strongly impacting their difficulties.

I was also going around quite a bit, making efforts to allow flows out of me and into others that would be clearly apparent to just about everyone present.  This often happened with young children with whom it became entirely apparent that they were bringing in things from previous lives.  This isn't necessarily as clearly obvious with people as they get older, in part because there is so much impact from choices they have made in this lifetime.

But I have been astounded and shocked at how insistent people have been to deny and ignore such efforts.  I have been given authoritative lectures about "truth" by untold many, even those who have gotten strong help with healing.  I can only chalk this up to so many people's insistence on pretending they know things they do not and grasping on to beliefs that already serve their purposes in spite of evidence that FAR outweighs ANY evidence they can or have given.

This is ludicrous.

I won't go on at this point because there are so many other places where I address related issues.

Evidence inside One's Self. I first started questioning the existence of reincarnation as a teenager.  At that point in time my biggest means for validation, for myself, were to look inside myself and try to see what was TRULY in my past.  I think far too many people want to see only what they want to see and this definitely includes when they look inside their selves.

I also get considerable validation when helping others to heal.  This is particularly true when helping others to heal from things when nothing else has worked.  It is certainly my unrelenting experience that people have past existences impacting their present in terms of health and ability.

No one seems to come up with much, if any, contrary evidence other than trying to bully or intimidate.  Personally, I consider such tactics to be fairly strong evidence that these proponents are false and have many other things driving them.

What Is Justice?  So many people have spiritual and/or religious beliefs that do not include much, if any, ramifications for their actions and choices in this life.  They often say they are forgiven based on things like faith or belonging to particular groups or repetition of certain rituals and/or phrases.  It is my relentless experience that we are forgiven as we forgive.  It is strange to me that so many people say the prayer

Our Father, Who art in heaven ...

and forget

forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us...

I'm very confident that everyone spiritual guide has enjoined us to

Do unto others as we would have done unto us

It is my understanding that prezzes are sent to varying places, dimensions, spaces, planets and so on to be grouped with others that will do unto them as they have done unto others.  So if people believe they will get into paradise or heaven based on their professed beliefs, then they will be placed with others who have very similar beliefs.  Will this be heaven or paradise?  I seriously doubt it.

Like or Different?  My understanding and experience is that prezzes are grouped with others like themselves until they really start to see their selves and try to improve as they would have others do.  There are tremendous efforts among the guardian spirits and others to get prezzes to make better choices.  It seems everyone, whether they will be honest about it or not, really wants to know what sorts of choices others will make and how much they can be trusted.

So I/we have been making strong efforts to make it clear that people on Earth do reincarnate.  I/we have been trying to make it clear they are "grouped" with others that do unto others in similar ways to them until they can be trusted in at least somewhat better places.

Maybe it really does happen that in your future lifetimes your current "friends" can all too easily be positioned so that they deal with you quite differently.  For example, let's say that a largish group of domineeringly violent Earthers cannot really be beaten by anyone else and live in the greatest land that ever has been on Earth.  Hmmm, I wonder where this would be?  But let's say for instance that in future lifetimes this group is split up, some incarnate in a land of great wealth and power, others incarnate in a land of much lesser developments.  To exacerbate these differences even further there are also possibly differences in color, maybe gender, in addition to language and other things.  What do the people in the land of great wealth and power do in their position?  Almost universally, the answers to this are they certainly don't do as they'd have others do to them.  They likely even justify their actions as having been given these sorts of prerogatives, privileges and advantages by some sort of God(s).  Do you think that in subsequent lifetimes the roles are reversed so that those in power are then placed in the reversed roles?

It is my experience that most other prezzes and particularly those making more angelic sorts of efforts hope that people on Earth will grow out of such cycles.  Maybe they do, but usually at best slowly and almost never as quickly as Earthers expect from others.