Some Background on
Other Interdimensional Realms



Introduction.  Being able to travel around this universe and plexiverse and interact with many many different prezzes from many many different realms has been an immense, fascinating, challenging and overwhelming experience.  As much as someone can actually know anything, I am confident that there are huge efforts to fool all of us and make it very difficult to discern truths and particularly evidence based truths.

Regardless of this, it has also been my relentless and continually examined experience that there are all kinds of realms in addition to the physical in this plexiverse.  At least in the presence of the embrassage, this shared collective spirit towards truths and golden ruler actuations, there seems to be considerable intelligence in designing realms and worlds and everything so that others may have interesting, motivating growing experiences.  But it is also my experience that Satanic forces and the zombie armies are continually working to debilitate and hammer down these sorts of efforts.

So while I will be the first to acknowledge there are all kinds of illusions on Earth, in the universe and in other dimensions I want to relate my experiences and efforts to discern realities.

Some Realms in Other Dimensions.

The Realm of the System Lords - When I first saw one fairly popular TV show mention "System Lords" and make use of those from Gemagle as beings trying to help I definitely chortled.  In my experience the representation isn't all that accurate, particularly on the physical.  But my understanding and experience is that one of the realms of "hell" that many Earthers struggle to exist in, often for much of their time between lifetimes, is a realm that has these sorts of crazed overbearing hierarchies run by "System Lords".  It is also my understanding that this is about the worst place that beings who sojourn on Earth can go outside of being with each other on Earth.  But, in this Systems Lord realm they lack the same diversity of others to exploit, so they are locked in struggle with others very very much like themselves.

As you probably can guess, the higher up the hierarchy, the more out of touch these beings are with those below.  This is by their own design.  Things can definitely come from higher up in very arbitrary, self-serving and vicious ways.  System Lord sorts of structures and their concomitant hypocrisy seem to relate to most of the worse issues prezzes are expected to deal with here on Earth.

It seems there are quite a huge number of physical worlds/systems where prezzes operating with System Lord sorts of struggles incarnate.  The number of such prezzes is definitely well into the trillions.  I say more about some of these worlds when talking about some of our neighbors.

I will write much more over time.

Where Words About Faith Get Their Chance to Rule - Think of all the people you know that make statements like "it is not by our works but by our faith", or some such other things.  Then they usually make all sorts of statements about how they are "forgiven" or "chosen" because of who really knows why.  It also seems they almost always choose to forgive themselves far more easily than they forgive anyone else.  It seems they are also able to justify receiving such hypocritical sorts of forgiveness from others.  Well, there are some serious attempts to get such people to be with others most like themselves depending on their varying extents of hypocrisy.  I suspect many of us would consider this to be quite hellacious when you consider the sorts of things that can and have been justified by "faith".

There also seems to be a high correspondence that the more emphatic and pushy prezzes are about their personally advantageous "truths" the more likely they are to not deal with others who put forth similar efforts.  Well, obviously I should say much more.

It Could Be Worse.  Now I want to venture into some realms that are pretty much purely astral where Earthers generally do not venture.  I'll take a couple passes at this because I have three or four major things I want to make certain to describe to some extents.

One of the more disturbing aspects of what I am calling the centuries long Interdimensional War is the intelligence that guides the efforts to pull beings down into pain and zombie aggression.  It seems that more and more fragments have been seduced and attacked and pulled down and then as these ganged in they worked to pull the next fragments.  In the last few centuries efforts seem to have been coordinated to orchestrate a huge overall degradation and all but collapse.  But there also seems to be some sort of conscious intentionality to essentially get beings at each subsequent fragment to attack as zombies.  For example, as we trace transmollixing back as far as we can to its sources and release them from these abilities, every being is overwhelmed at what they've become.  While it's rewarding to see recoveries and repulsion at what these powers of self creation eventually developed into, it is also terrifying, at least to me.

This leads to some questions. 
Who and/or what is Satan? 
Who and/or what are these beings that seem to work so hard towards pulling others down? 

Tough questions to answer!  Though, many claim they know.  I claim I do not know.  I also claim that most claimants probably know far less than they claim and probably far less than me. 

But now for some more experiences.

Is Satan a Spider with a Web?  - I know this trivializes and oversimplifies so many issues, but the imagery has its unusual appropriateness.  I think the image of a huge spider in a web works quite well for a number of reasons.

One reason I think it works quite well is that one of the illusions/realities that more viciously hypocritical realms like to use when threatening prezzes of Earth (and other places) is huge, unbelievably realistically threatening spiders.  One learns in time, if one moves much on the astral, that these are distortions and it is almost always the case that other beings are overpowered and transmorgraphied to take on these sorts of presences.  Though, harm can come through these presences.  They can be deadly and worse!  Transmollixing allows for very direct approaches to harm.  But, I'm not kidding when I tell you the spider scenes from one of the Harry Potter movies and the little battle in the third installment of the Lord of the Rings are really quite tame when compared to my recurring interdimensional experiences.

But this also leads back to why so few people are presently experiencing much on the astral.  I attribute this to three main reasons.

  • most people don't really want to see and are stopped by what they refuse to see inside themselves

  • much transmollixing is directed towards blinding the denizens of Earth to the impacts of transmollixing thereby increasing their susceptibility

  • in the last few years even the embrassage has rather automatically kept Earthers as protected as they can from what is going on in these other dimensions - we have enough challenges to deal with on Earth

    • though I definitely wish that people had much greater awareness of the impacts of transmollixing - probably more than most think no such things exist - and most of these would claim they know it doesn't

Obviously, hellacious prezzes like to create other imagery, but these spiders and what they try to do as spiders seem to be favorite efforts.

Well more later.

Is Satan a Being Who Gains From Other's Pain?  This is one of the more involved curiosities I've had way too much experience with to discard too lightly.  In some of the more hellish realms one too often finds one's self struggling to not be overpowered by beings that seem consumed with drinking energy, even life, from other's pain.

This sort of thing is not exactly pleasant and it really seems these beings are so out of touch with just about everything to exist in this sort of state.  I've not seen any indications that beings being able to drink and gain from other's pain really works.  It really does seem that they deplete themselves in their efforts to generate this pain within others and don't gain much of anything from the drawing in of the subsequent pain effusions.  But it has been damn stressful to really investigate whether this is true or not!  But one still needs to deal with these sorts of efforts never the less.

Well, the stories of this wait for others.  There is so much I could be writing.  I'm really struggling to keep this organized.

Has Satan Created A Detached Realm Where?  Most current speculation from denizens like myself who really acknowledge they know very little about the overall creation is that Satan has actually used the transmollixing/self creating masses to cordon off a space for predeself and maybe some few others behind this transmollixing where prex is free of the embrassage that creates the return/reward systems based on "you are judged as you judge".

It appears that this Satanic, possibly Luciferian, intelligence has generally always desired to create a creation where this presence could do pretty much damn well whatever this presence wants without caring about the outcomes for others.  It really appears to some observers/experiencers that this progressive debilitating and zombification, galumphing and group transmorgraphication has walled some emnbrasseurss off and hammered and obliterated off the presence the embrassage which generates golden ruler based justice existed in this plexiverse.

I really wish I could describe this better.  It's unbelievable to experience.

Some More Places.  Now I want to focus on some of the other quadrants where others I've interacted with are from and where I've been in and around.  Though, Earthers should understand that all of these quadrants have not been protected from transmollixing and transmorgraphications anywhere near as well as Earth has.

It shouldn't be too surprising to prezzes of Earth that if these quadrants are developed largely to get others of like states of beings to be with each other then there are quadrants that have foci on

  • sex

    • irresponsibility

    • prezzes looking for more from others than they would have others look for from them

    • varying extents of self indulgence and lack of respect for the desires of otherishes

    • recognizing the consequences of their actions and choices

  • deceit

    • to varying extents and styles

  • transmorgraphication

    • beings can really get quite caught up in creating illusions about themselves and trying to overpower otherishes with projected illusions

I'll start with

  • sex

    • SO far I've seen largely three overall gradations/realms

      • actually two of the three are considered to be less hypocritical and less focused on overpowering otherishes than Earthers are generally

    • one of the realms had quite some overpowerings within the efforts of those desiring certain sexual actions from others

      • but most everyone tries the same sorts of things when going after what they want

      • I've been told by sources I consider to reliable that this space would generally be placed in around the 8% percentile

      • these realms seem to have multiple places of more physicalish existence they are coordinated with, but I've yet to have even one conversation about these

    • the second realm lacked these sorts of violent overpowerings, but the longings were largely insistent

      • beings needed to confront how they themselves deteriorated when getting consumed and yearningly dissipated with their efforts and really coming out of themselves far too much in their pursuits

      • I've been told by sources I consider to reliable that this space would generally be placed in around the 12% percentile

      • these realms seem to have multiple places of more physicalish existence they are coordinated with, but I've yet to have even one conversation about these

    • the third realm ended up being really quite strong in their efforts to respect the choices of others.  These prezzes have largely worked out their issues of respecting other's rights to select and a lot of their responsibilities.  While still quite sexually overactive by my standards, they are hugely relationship oriented.

      • I've been told by sources I consider to reliable that this space would generally be placed in around the 16% percentile

      • these realms seem to have multiple places of more physicalish existence they are coordinated with, but I've yet to have even one conversation about these

      • they would have just been having wars even without so much impact from the current deterioration with what I'm calling the Transmoxillation Wars.

  • deceit

    • I have only been in two of these sorts of realms/quadrants

    • I sort of like to tease most any of these beings that they were in these realms in order to really learn to polish their sales pitches or their con artistry

    • actually, I ended up finding most of these beings not all that difficult, particularly once they became aware of my own efforts to discern truths

      • though I've been told there are some worse realms with more violentish overpowerings  where I have yet to be drawn into

  • transmorgraphication

    • I got drawn into a few places that were having tremendous difficulties with their desires to create illusions

    • these realms can be quite strange and disturbing

    • since most everyone was working more individually it wasn't truly all that terrible, but I became quite concerned about how I was going to be getting out