Some Words About Other Groups


Who's On Earth?  I hope you do think about the overall situation that Earth is in, with population pressures and hypocritical selfishness creating so many injustices.  This is fairly likely if you are taking the time to read my website.  While our technologies provide so much for some, they also have their downsides. 
Who's to say how the combination of pain, anger and revenge will coalesce with the available technologies in the next several years, maybe decades.

If we have a "just" God and guardian spirits working to try find out who we really are and how well we can be trusted as we hopefully grow in trust with them, then it shouldn't be unreasonable to assume that who is presently or about to incarnate on this planet have karma appropriate to these current stresses and strains.

It is my understanding, at least in some clearly overly simplistic yet hopefully still insightful, that individuals on Earth are almost always tied up into some sort of group efforts and have karma associated with these.  It is also my understanding that as we "individuate" and grow more thoughtful about the morality of our choices we are very likely moving our way to be in other realms with others more like ourselves.

But, in the present, if we take a sort of overly simplistic dynastic/empire cycle view of much of history we may well be comfortable saying that there are a variety of places where groups may likeliest appear in dynastic/empire cycles.  It is my understanding that almost all of the groups either currently on this Earth or about to incarnate fall into two major categories.

  • those that immerse in conquests at the start of most dynasties/empires

  • those that immerse in the declines/dissolutions at the ends of dynasties/empires

Some Background.  It is my understanding that almost all of the larger scale, group action sort of violence on Earth has had a relatively few particular groups acting as the major components at their source.  Over time, the number of beings and their motivation to engage in such efforts has been fairly steadily decreasing.

Let's say, for rough estimates, that there are approximately 15 billion people that "should" exist on this planet at present largely based on criteria discussed on other pages.  Out of this, around 1.2 billion of these are most greatly inclined to engage in acts of group dominance, conquest, enslavement, violence, large scale abuse or whatever.

It is also my understanding that these beings tend to coalesce into groups in order to increase what they may well consider to be their effectiveness.  It is also my understanding that there are just slightly more than 20 such clearly identifiable groupings.  Though to many beings perceptions and opinions, borderline groups should add an additional 15 to increase this to 35.

It is also my understanding that when Anthropologists do things like diagram the spread of Homo (nish) Sapiens on maps or globes they are somewhat diagramming the influence of the spread of a particular species over the planet.  What really did happen to the other humanoid species/sub-species?  Sorry, I don't know the "scientific" terminology.

Those I interact with and have come to trust as guardians spirits appear to have really been around quite a bit longer than ourselves.  They all claim that at different periods in time there were considerable efforts to extinguish other species/sub-species deemed to be of "lesser import".

Considering  Ursus' story about some families in a bygone epoch, I think it is important to try and discover evidence to determine the accuracy of such assertions.

Are we heading for another one of these cycles of incredible almost global destruction with some potential for a better rebirth?

Back to the 20 Some Groupings.  It is also my understanding that a reason a Judeo-Christian biblical source like the book of Daniel can prove to be so insightful at times is that these prophets were aware of such groupings.  While I also think that most biblical interpretations rely on the vagueness of the sources and an ability to fit these into the present, I also think there are some insights to be gained.

In this vein, my understanding is that the history of this planet has been very much impacted by the recurring presence of a particular empire.  For example, the war on three continental fronts in the story told by Ursus' apparently takes place just after this empire has effectively conquered Earth and this grouping is continually turning in on itself.

Though, I think it is also clear that the sort of almost pervasive helplessness we see in so many of the people currently in those nations considered to be ?more developed" brings us to realize difficulties are not just brought about by warriors.  It can be terribly frustrating to see so many declining to build on what previous generations, however immersed in their own hypocrisies, have developed.

Much more to write...

Presently, I will be focusing on what I understand to be several of the major groupings currently in the US.  Eventually, I would like to do this for other locations and get into greater depth and diversity in the US.

Decliners. This is my name for one of the adult groups that is currently most prominent in the US. My experience of them is relentless and I'd love to give it away to anyone who considers it a gift. One of their identifying attributes is how they work on the astral. They relentlessly try to push and take while pretending they are only working for some good that cannot and should not be examined. I have heard claims they are the worst group for this. I have no difficulty believing it. It's always extreme and it always has to do with overpowering others, though usually hidden behind the lie that it is only for the other's benefit. In addition, in my experience, this determination of what is for another's benefit never involves honest interaction or analysis by standards that require self-assessment from the decliners.

Many sources claim that over the centuries they have consistently been in power at the collapse of many different empires, dynasties and societies. The Han and Tang Dynasties in China, the collapse of the Republic (democracy) in Rome, and the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to name a few. It seems that while they are obviously not the most militarily adept and don't have a history of using military force they still seem to love intrusiveness of spirit and whimpering about how everyone else should give them what they want based on any possible advantages inherited from others.

It is certainly my experience that people in this group seem to worship victimhood, fear ability, work so hard to try and use bureaucracies to manipulate others, relentlessly play cover-up and run-away, and apparently have almost no ability to deal with anything, develop spiritualities that almost constantly claim it is most spiritual to expect some other (usually God) to do things for them ...... 

I pretty seriously think that they go out and try to find the most helpless person they can and put them in power so that they can then use any sort of pre-existing systems to hold those with more ability down, thus making the world all that much better for people who play these sorts of games rather than work towards higher ideals.

When it comes to this group it seems I am pretty much completely and absolutely a non-being except for when it comes time for them to try and get something from me.  And then I only exist during while they are trying to use and abuse me.

A Group With Some Wisdom ... But. One of the first times the Spirit specifically sent me someplace for someone else, I was guided to a restaurant in a strip mall. I went in and had lunch, sitting quite a ways back in the restaurant. I started snipping at the Spirit about sending me all that way when there was no one drawing anything very strongly.  Then S/he pointed out a young boy sitting in a highchair next to his mom with a group of other moms and their children at the very front of the restaurant. I hadn't noticed him. He was almost in a state of thrill (I don't know how else to describe it) and drawing with great elation and ease, though not necessarily all that strongly. To my sight he was radiating in a way that you would think everyone could see. They may well have. I remember him as having dark curly hair. There were no obvious things to work on, but then the Spirit pointed out a kind of mushy chakra in his mom and talked about how it was definitely going to influence the young boy's upbringing. I am definitely uncomfortable with adjusting such things in strangers, but the Spirit was adamant, the adjustment was fairly easy, and I never got any sense that she was disturbed by it. I remember her as having long dark hair, which I can't really remember, and a kind of soft beauty over some pretty intense emotions. When I went to pay my bill I tried to be sociable. On the astral level she was quite nasty, there are several possibilities as to why. What really surprised me was the young boy immediately jumped to my defense and blocked her. Some day I want to paint the physical and the astral, the moment is etched in my mind. This very young boy had strong judgment and bearing. I still think back to weaknesses it reflected in me. If this mom ever finds out about this paragraph she should know who her son may well be, though she should never call him Schlomo or let other people know. If other moms find out, they should also be careful to be quiet about it. He is not yet old enough to defend himself from the few crackpots, or protect himself from those that want to diminish him due to jealousy or by being overly doting. When he is older, if she wants him to learn about leadership and the long terms implications of decisions she should have him read about Constantine, or Ming Huang, or Suleyman, or Peter the Great and what occurred after they died ... he is very likely to connect with them.

But, unfortunately, the leaders of this group and many of its members are somewhat fast to make sue of escalations towards lesser methods to bring things more into line with what they desire.  So, it is my understanding that they largely continue to cycle on the karmic wheel of Earth.

But this guy also has his buddies.

I was at a baseball game and a father and his young son were walking by. His dad kept walking but his young son took his chair and sat down pretty close to me. While this sort of thing doesn't happen very often you can understand how some parents become a bit disconcerted. I was actually a bit surprised because the young boy, I'll call him Mr. Chisel, didn't sense me in ways that I am used to having kids with certain backgrounds sense me. I was a bit confused, but in some way he definitely knew me, though I couldn't figure out who he was/is.

Initially, I had some difficulty deciding what to do with his draw. He obviously has a mother who wants a soft son, but underneath his spirit really has an impressive chiseled beauty. I couldn't decide if I should really help it to come forward. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem. The last I saw him a few years ago it is evident that son and dad have held sway, though he seems to be learning how to integrate some more softness.

I asked the Great/Holy Spirit about him. He is typically the main general for this other group I am briefly mentioning. Apparently he also comes back sometimes to get pushed within some of those that return with generally higher ideals about things like morality and justice. He is funny, such willpower and determination. You can tell he is really used to giving orders, right to the core of his being. He doesn't really draw like the young kids with more healing experience/emphasis, but he doesn't let up and he definitely pushes himself inside. So when he's around me he has a constant slightly ever-increasing draw going. It's unfortunate that his dad is a bit too uncomfortable with our rapport, uncomfortable enough that I've not been able to tell his dad what's I perceive as going on or really interact with the young boy.




Napolemoronics. Well, I'm sure they have their pet names for me too and other warrior/healers, or at least they have in the past. The truth is I think they are exceptional at some things and nowhere near to what they should be in other ways.

Some background. The Great/Holy Spirit says that within this country we have had some real power group struggles going on within each generation. In this section and the next I am mostly talking about the generation of adults that are slightly older and just starting to get elderly. I've already mentioned the Decliners in the somewhat younger adult generation. Apparently, the Napolemoronics were pretty much here to greet the American groups that had put so much into WWII and the economy when they returned from the war. They obviously had their skills at maneuvering proven leaders out of power. Take for example Marshall. They also had their skills at getting proven leaders to overreact to not so clear threats and exacerbate the situations.

Well, one has to respect their military abilities. Unfortunately, they seem to have a propensity for getting involved in militaristic situations even if they have to stir them up. On the other hand I have serious complaints about Napolemoronic abilities to administer or actually implement most of what they profess outside of military activities. The Great/Holy Spirit says there are only three groups that are capable of handling them head to head militarily, without the assistance of weather or other restraints. Now there is also a sweeper group I'm about to mention in the second section after this one and the a couple bunches of whatch-ma-callits warrior/healers.

And now for another tangent. How much of a threat was communism in actuality? While I think freer markets have greater advantages, it seems to me that extreme communist and capitalist ideologies act as mirrors for each other's flaws, helping to motivate proponents on each extreme to want to destroy the source of their reflection. I also think there is a need to explicitly address issues about how much right nations and people have to determine their own destinies. I feel like there is little or no discussion about this, at least in the US. Obviously I could go on and on. But finally, at least during this lifetime, I keep having serious problems with which "horses" the US keeps choosing to back. How much are they really better than what they want to displace with all their meddling? How successful have they actually been? I keep asking myself if they select whom they back mostly based on their ability to kiss up or say particular phrases they want to hear. I'm not sure they are selecting for attributes that will actually work or improve things, particularly in volatile situations.

Anyway, the Great/Holy Spirit says that this Napoleonic group has been the Attila the Hun group, Khosrow's (I have to check names and spelling) group in the Sassanian empire, start of the Jegaalcian whatever and others.  It shouldn't surprise anyone that they've always seemed to have a visceral dislike for me and usually use most any opportunity they can to be needlessly punitive. Though on the other hand, particularly now that what is developing has become so obviously strong, they do respect ability. While there is no chance they will be honest or helpful they actually seem more than a bit intrigued.

Wellingtonians. Well, I have to give them a name. While the Great/Holy Spirit says they are not one of the four sweeper groups I mentioned, they get placed into very difficult military situations, but not culture building situations. They obviously have superior and maturing military and administrative abilities. I always enjoy listening to them when they are interviewed on TV. While there are obviously style differences, every instinct in me says they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, they also seem to have had their difficulties getting listened to and considered. They are a smaller group than the Napolemoronics.

The Great/Holy Spirit says they were the Romans that finished the conquest of England, the group with Richard the Lionhearted, the best of the fighting monks during the crusading period, the Puritans and the obvious opponents of Napoleon, among others. They noticed me developing in this life long before anyone else. While they have always been mature about it, I think they've been too risk averse to interact. I'm sure I'm insufficiently proper. The Spirit says this was the third time they've stifled the Napolemoronics. While the cold war seems over, they have also had a huge impact on the transition into stable use of nuclear power and other technologies. A very tough endeavor.

The Republican Guard. So who's wrestling with the Decliners in the military? I call them the Republican Guard, since that is essentially what they were in Rome under Pompeii (again I need to check names and spelling). Who knows about their history? They seem to be a much smaller group than the Decliners and this makes their task much tougher.

It is difficult for me to say much about them since I know very little. It is also difficult to tell what is currently going on within the military. It seems to me that there is a real struggle that is definitely affecting performance. In addition, it seems to be worsened by having so much dictated by impulsive external political decisions.

From my perspective, they usually draw, but not with a lot of intensity. They are respectful, but don't interact.

My understanding is that they were around when Zhu and his buddies scared the Mongols out of China.  Disfortunately, you seem to have chosen to back the majority Mongols in an agreement to attack Zhu's back when his group moved on Beijing.  Bad choice of allies!

Apparently, something somewhat similar happened preceding the battle of Sekigahara in Japan just preceding the Tokugawa period.  I've heard you again aligned with a majority group which then placed you out front to take the beating due to an underestimation of your adversaries' marksmanship and other things.  Your backing turned and ran.  Though apparently your "houses" were able to regain some stature.

My own impressions are/were that I found this surprising.  Apparently, the greater spirits that follow such things were disappointed and have continually hoped that your grouping would make choices more on moral efforts rather than numbers or obedience to "proper" authority.

Actually, I think you all are pretty damn sharp.  But probably too conformist and unwilling to really examine things in broader and more intellectually challenging ways.  Hmmm...  How I identify your grouping is by the depth, strength and steadiness of your conduits.  My impression is you've got a lot of people in your grouping that would make some fine warrior/healers.  There possibly has been some efforts in these directions in your pasts.

An Interesting Bunch.  I certainly had my struggles growing up, particularly due to the presence of many rather unappreciative Napoleonics around my parent's age.  Fortunately, when I finally hit high school and college in the Great Lakes region I made some seriously better acquaintances.  My understanding is that this grouping is also rather smallish in terms of millions but has had some impact over the centuries.

I think I've had a dad in the past from your group that was very good, probably a bit more than 800 years ago.  Apparently you were also the group that just preceded Justinian and Belisarius in the Byzantine continuation of the Roman Empire.  Quite a challenge against the worst possible competition on your eastern borders with the Sassanian Empire. 

I really know next to nothing about Alexander the Great's dad, was his name Phillip?  Well, I'll talk more when I learn more. about this and other situations.

My understanding is that many of you like running small independent skill related businesses.  A couple of my best friends outside this NorthEast Corridor seem to be associated with your grouping.  I wish you were having more impact in this country and the world.

The Capable Capitalists. It should be obvious to anyone that the US underwent a period of incredible economic prosperity. While it has a downside in fueling a fair amount of greed and self-absorption, its upside is tremendous. While I will bitch about the Decliners in every other way, they have had the smarts to let this group run the businesses and economy and jump on for the ride.  Business really can be a gain-gain situation. Unfortunately, I think many of them struggled to get influence when the Napolemoronics had much of the power.

Though it does seem in the last couple years the Decliners  have taken over far too many businesses and shown that they don't have anywhere near what they would expect from others running businesses.  It is rather surprising to see so many current business leaders in what is probably the most capitalistic, laissez faire oriented economic masters constantly whining about what government and everyone else should do to for them so they can get their businesses to work.



Why is Steak Tartar Served Raw?  When I first started writing a little bit about sweepers and destroyers I could see the teen/nadults around here take notice. Some of them let down when I wrote that some of the people in the preteen/teen/nadult age group were from our third generation not the first. It was amusing, because there is something inside of them so that they know they make a first generation group's sort of efforts.

I don't know too much about them, I've been hearing that the primary group within these ages is actually the first and second generation of a grouping. The first generation is quite strong, but the second generation has some serious drop-off within it. Who should be better at dealing with the problems within the second generation than the first generation? What this means is that while the first generation has had some real accomplishments they get dissipated pretty quickly in the second.

Well, anyway, this is my impression of much of your interactions with most of the current adults. Have you ever asked yourselves why many of the adults would seem to be happiest if they could just lock you up in cages and drop you off someplace where they wouldn't have to deal with you? I hear that in your pasts you have conquered the Decliners, twice. Once as the Tartars, that's why I tease. Even though this was pretty far in the past I think you still kind of get some treatment as "Barbarians at the Gates".

I'm being told that most recently the first generation unified Germany. I have read a little bit about it though I should definitely read more, quite an accomplishment. But this means the second generation was fighting in WWI, the allies of the Decliners. So who carried the load in this alliance?

I don't know much about WWI, but the little I've read seems to indicate that the Germans were pretty much handling everyone else. Not that their opponents were exactly brilliant. I ask myself that if the US likes to take credit for having really turned the tide, shouldn't they also take a lot of responsibility for a healthy peace afterwards? I can't even begin to pretend to know much about the rigmarole that happened after WWI, but it seems to me like it almost guaranteed there would be a WWII.

If you want to find more historical references to what I have been told is your pasts you should check out the

The Akkadians of Biblical reference

Sui Dynasty in China

Mehmed the Conqueror in the Middle East

I have also heard that by and large, even though some individuals have gotten out of this karmic cycle, and other's have joined into your group at least due to the intelligence of wanting to belong in a group of "winners", that the cores of these groups are very ancient by earth standards.  This implies coming into existence around 20,000 years past and having been through the mass extinction of so many other species on this planet including those that were humanoid.  Fortunately, it seems you didn't join in these humanoid extinctions.  But I will be able to give some sizable evidence for such experiences in your pasts when assisting you with self healing.  Whoa!  Have you witnessed and been through some nasty stuff in your pasts.

The Builders. When firstish generation groups initiate certain things they probably are hoping that later generations will build on their efforts.  My understanding is that a third generation has currently back and that they are quite spread out around the world. Now I'm talking about pre-teens, teens, and young adults (from now on within this website called nadults). If there are sweeper groups then one would hope there are good builder groups to capitalize on what the sweepers have started. The Great/Holy Spirit considers this group to be the best of the builder groups.

For example, if you want to read about them or yourselves you should read about Yong Lo's generation in the Ming Dynasty. I'm pretty sure one of the things they did was build the Forbidden City, though such concentrations of effort towards the benefit of the ruling class are particularly to my preferences.  For another example where they followed another sweeper group, read about Kang Hsi's generation in the Qing Dynasty. I've had to read about these in order to learn about them. I'll try to find out about some others situations.

They have some real military ability and have had to use it some, but they are primarily builders. Having mentioned Wellington and Napoleon earlier in this page, apparently a small group of them were involved in sweeping up Napoleon in the Prussian contingent. Probably a good learning experience.

I find it amusing when I've seen reporters report from China using the very descriptive phrase, "The Chinese are building" with video of all kinds of construction in the background. While it is difficult to know what is actually occurring in China and in spite of some of the distressing things that seem to be occurring between the US and China, hopefully this demonstrates their core motivation. The Chinese do have a tradition of being able to govern themselves in pretty healthy ways.

 Strong Ladies, At Least.  While the US likes to distort its impact on the world sports scene by ignoring the sizes of other nations, I still think they have some impact.  I think this has been particularly true in recent years in women's sports.  I consider there to have been a distinct improvement in quality level and breadth in recent years.

My understanding is that possibly the primary young woman's grouping (I don't know anything about any others) is that they are really quite young in terms of lifetimes, on the order of five or six.  But really quite accomplished for this amount of experience.  Apparently, they spent too much of their last lifetime as the Italian enemy of the Germans in WW1.  I've never heard them say too much about how they really feel about the young men in their generation.

Scholars and Artists.  It is also my understanding that people who are likeliest to call themselves a scholar or artist are the least likely to have been involved in more mass/group activities.  I'm still glad for their impact on humanity.

More To Come.  Well, I've at least been able to use this web page to get my two cents in. I don't intend to get wrapped up in or lead a discussion of why this sequence might have occurred. I think much of it is obvious. I need to get back to other things.

As to the rest of this particular page, I will fill more in intermittently.