Effort, Resilience and Resistance



Effort and Resistance Power.  My experience is almost every being that openly operates in this plexiverse seems to get attacked by the zombie armies and suffer from depletion and diminishment to some extents, even the most ancient and powerful of those we call angels.  What many try to do is assess other's efforts/resistance to being overcome by hypocrisy and Satanic forces within and without.  One's efforts and/or resistance is also very important for being trusted with abilities to render healing and/or defense.

There seems to be a general and useful scale to aid in assessing one's efforts/resistance as well as others'.  Effort levels particularly show  when one genfuserates.

This scale is relates both to efforts and thoroughness

  • towards being a golden ruler - nihypocritical (efforts)

  • towards not being hypocritical (resistance)

  • towards resisting transmoxillation and control from the zombie armies

  • towards discerning truth (efforts)

  • towards discerning the sources of particular motives and/or energies

This scale is exponential in nature and the base of the exponent is apparently some plexiversal constant, somewhat less than 2. 

As an aside for the very mathematically oriented I state the following -

Like pi, this constant is apparently "transcendental" (so I am told, but cannot yet prove).  I think I remember that "transcendental" means it cannot appear as a root of a polynomial equation with real coefficients.  Yes, this means it isn't even irrational.  So 1.718 is an approximation at best.  Sorry for being a bit mathematical, and a bit smart mouthed trying to make puns on mathematical terminology.

The following table illustrates.  I am also attaching a column to represent some of the abilities


Level Exponential Form   Value
0 (1.718)0 = 1 1
1 (1.718)1 = (1.718) 1.718
2 (1.718)2 = (1.718)(1.718) 2.9515
3 (1.718)3 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 5.0707
4 (1.718)4 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 8.7115
5 (1.718)5 = (1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718)(1.718) 14.9663
    and so on  
10 (1.718)10   223.9908
20 (1.718)20   50,171.885


The largish percentage of people on Earth (and plenty of other places) where the hypocritical aspects of the pursuit of money and earthly power are so often paramount usually pursue these at desire levels that would be classified at least at 2 and often as 3 or so.  Based on this it shouldn't seem unreasonable that Earthers should be expected to muster desires close to these when dealing with all kinds of other things.  That is to "get out of purgatory" a prezz's overall levels of resistance/effort should be around the 2s.  To get off Earth to better realms, it has more to do with even much smaller efforts to care about the struggles and sufferings of otherishes and work out domineering and violently over-reactiveness.

But what can truly be most difficult to deal with in the interdimensional wars is how clever most of the transmollixing is at focusing on desires that are weaker.  This explains why so many people of what really probably should be considered "good will" can slip so easily in many situations.

For some benchmarks, in hopes this will increase your comprehension of this scale.  It is my understanding that within the county where I am presently living in Connecticut in the United States based on the following "categorization"

  • the amount of centered effort a being makes to discern/discover/investigate truth when it is a "truth" that doesn't immediately appeal to this person (for what real reasons?)

    • about 30% are rated as 0's

      • meaning they are known and consistently make absolutely no efforts towards truths in such scenarios

    • about 30% are rated as 0.1's  (this has a decimal place)

    • another 30% are rated as 0.2's

This classification is considered to be one of the most important.  I am quite certain that almost all of these people would rate themselves much higher, but for some reasons be unwilling to really investigate their validity.

These overall numbers apparently also reasonably, but not exactly correspond, to things like parts per ten, parts per hundreds, parts per thousands, parts per millions and whatever in one's spirit.  My understanding of the word "angel" is that it represents any being that continually strives to figure out what "improvement" is and then works towards this.  For example, one view of improvement is that one should work to genfuserate and draw on purer sources to reduce the parts per whatever of things that are clearly hypocritical in one's spirit.

These parts per whatever also somewhat correspond to how many other beings of somewhat similar "spiritual" mass one can resist.  Though, efforts in such directions seem to be very helpful towards getting beings of much greater developments, such as guardian spirits, to work through us and/or around us.  I think it is important to know that working through someone is very very much different than "possession", which is far more dangerous than just about anyone on Earth seems to think.

My understanding is that all the guardian spirits do hope that everyone on Earth will emerge from these struggles as much better beings, better being defined by what Earthers really consider as better in others.  I understand they would also like to remind us that almost everyone on Earth perceives themselves as being one of the most spiritually effective beings they know.  If this is the case then just about everyone on Earth should have little difficulties doing at least as well as what they expect from others.

I think it is obvious that Earth is nearing a terribly important cusp relating to its future.  I think that Earthers have made it entirely clear that with the added burdens of transmoxillating, galumphing, group transmorgraphying and so many Earthers' propensities to make bargains with Satanic forces to get advantages for themselves that Earth was not going to do well AT ALL in its future.  With all these changes in other dimensions and abilities, most everyone in these other dimensions seems to think that Earth stands some real chances of emerging out of their morass into something quite a bit better.  I am not so optimistic because of how I have been treated due to my efforts here on Earth.  I think it is quite obvious that if this is how Earthers deal with others when they demonstrate abilities they make sure to run down their entire species and reward the wrong things.