Some Background on the Bizarre Bazaars



Introduction.  In the last few years I have relentlessly struggled to deal with attacks from the astral, some of which have had witnesses and accessories on Earth.  But at some point a few summers ago, I guess the summer of 2001, I started to find myself getting pulled interdimensionally into other realms of much more frightening and domineering efforts.  I talk about this much more in the preceding link.  At some point, some of the most powerful Seraphim, still with sufficient energy to do this, started congregating and agglutinating their efforts to develop somewhat safer havens for those of us needing to have places to come together and recover in order to contribute more to remaining struggles.  These agglutinations came to be called bizarre bazaars because of the huge variety of prezzes rolling in and out from all kinds of interdimensional realms.

While being more centered in these bizarre bazaars certainly helped in any number of ways, these bazaars also became the focus of renewed attacks.  Still, we did have a lot more success dealing with all of this due to the congregation and agglutination of efforts.

While there are many many more bazaars than these listed, I am listing the few I know at least some about.

  • around the interdimensional regions coinciding with Earth

  • around the interdimensional regions coinciding with the place I call the Jock Itch planet

  • around a cluster of planets/spaces at the's  that mostly coincide with spaces called warrior/healer realms

  • around Haduglu at the's where there is a lot of focus on developing healing abilities

A disproportionate amount of interdimensional attacking seems to have focused on Earth.  Though, it is definitely unbelievably pervasive in all kinds of places.  My understanding is this is because of several things.

  • Conquestor/dominator groups from some of the highest technologically capable systems have agglutinated in and around Earth for purposes of improving their technologies through all kinds of means such as

    • theft

    • buying/bribery

    • spying on nearby planets/systems


  • Beings on planets generally cannot escape or evacuate interdimensional contacts like beings that do not have a physical existence can.

  • So many transmollixers/transmorgraphiers love to toy with Earthers because they are so susceptible to the hypocritizing influences.

  • When the brunt of the hellacious efforts first broke out of their containments as what is most often called the Embrassage deteriorated sufficiently, most of the hellacious efforts were bent on forcing themselves on planets most often characterized as being at the 3's in the other realms page.

    • they were at least being perceptive enough to go to those places within their access where they could
      • largely be perceived
      • largely try to overwhelm and force their own healings

    Though I, and those struggling to support me and others on Earth, were already having to deal with a significant percentage of these sorts of efforts.

  • As this deteriorated, they had their distinct tendencies to turn more and more towards this place called Earth and other places more useful to purposes of the intelligences directing the zombie armies


While I really probably eventually should tell much more about the entire development process I will be selective to try and clarify certain issues and perspectives.  Everyone knows, recounting things some time after they occur portrays things as way more orderly and organized than their original experience.  So I am largely starting these tales to coincide with my experience and conception of things starting around February of 2002.  Rather than attempting to relate a stream of experience, I will try to be much more organized and coherent.

As this bizarre bazaar developed I got to meet more and more beings pouring in from who knows where and I also got to learn more and more about who knows where.

But, it shouldn't be surprising that these bazaars became the foci of attacks.  The bazaar surrounding Earth has a reputation for being one that requires the utmost dedication and perseverance from its inhabitants.  But one always has the ever present difficulty of trying to discern where the impetus and power for an attack really originates and how much is contributed by beings along its way.  Unfortunately, this should get quite elaborate to describe in more depth.

Some of the main reasons it is so difficult to discern the real sources of attacks are

  • the sources are typically quite massive in terms of numbers (well beyond trillions)

  • in order to make sure the sources are less discernible they almost always work through otherishes, may tiers and sometimes other dimensions

  • things have gotten worse coincidentally with the deterioration of the Embrassage which has always been supported by a relatively small percentage of the angelic host (often called the Seraphim) that are capable/motivated of being so exposed to such hellaciousness

It was also the case that before prezzes were capable of just turning off the transmollixing, galumphing and group transmorgraphication attack abilities of others, one of the few main defenses was to reposition them into realms more compatible with their current statuses.  But at the same time, the containments for these realms were bursting at the seams as the Embrassage was being obliterated.  But there are even more involved issues associated with assessing what can really be done to protect, defend and heal.

It is at least my experience that the astral, as a realm that can easily be thought of in terms of thought, feeling and presence, operates quite a bit differently than physical realms.  To reiterate with intent to clarify, when some presence confronts and attempts to overpower in some ways, it is not at all safe to assume that this presence originates these efforts.  It is my continued experience that the real powers behind attacks almost always agglutinate their powers en masse and then search for others that are vulnerable to being incited in ways they desire.  The trail of beings back to the source of attacks is not at all clear and how much is contributed and how much is resisted along the way is very difficult to ferret out.

  • So who should be repositioned where?

  • Who should actually receive immediate attention as some prezz who will heal quickly and contribute to other's healing and defenses?

  • Can you ever know how well you've traced something back?

One of my more interesting experiences has been to interact with more mathematically oriented beings from the's and's to develop processes, algorithms and perceptiveness (among who really knows what else) to trace efforts back and make the sorts of decisions outlined above among others.  I don't really joke at all when I repeat some Greek philosophers who claimed that "God is a mathematician".  I find it a curious and believable supposition.

My understanding is I became so involved in these sorts of developments and a lot of other strategizing because

  • so many of the Seraphim that had been so effective developing strategies were some of those first to be focused on and eventually overpowered

    • even worse, those that overpowered them usually tried to keep them in some sort of mind numb emotion blanked state that kept them problem solving and strategizing, but strategizing for the forces trying to tear everyone/everything down

  • I have been receiving some of the greatest efforts at protection since so many have been trying to ensure I can retain my abilities to function on Earth

    • my understanding is there is a very strong desire among the Seraphim to make sure that Earthers continue to get to see many of the things that should be possible if one really makes certain efforts to not be hypocritical

    • there was, and maybe is still some small chance, that the attackers could develop some sort of all-in-one powerful "representative" on Earth - the Seraphim want to make sure they have someone on Earth to counter these and all other zombie efforts

  • I am not without my own efforts and motivations for being strategic and nihypocritical

  • Anything that I can develop at the levels of the astral associated with where I've incarnated can then be freely shared with any capable of interactions at these levels.  So while I can't be told of certain solutions, there is a tendency for me to get challenged with a lot of problems so that certain "solutions" can be shared and others can get ideas for developing their own solutions.  I try to give some adequate background on why things work this way in the section entitled interventions.